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Frequently Asked Questions:


Q: What kind of camera, lenses, and film do you use?

A: I have used both Canon A2 (film) and 10D (digital) bodies. For concert shooting I rely heavily on my 50mm f/1.4 and 85mm f/1.8 lenses. When I shoot film I have used both Kodak Supra 800 (no longer made) and Fuji NPZ 800, push processed to ISO 1600. For more information on push processing, refer to http://www.ilford.com/html/us_english/pdf/push%20processing.pdf . (this document is in pdf format)


Q: What camera settings do you use? 

A: Generally, I use my camera's light meter at ISO 1600 and I usually get readings of around 1/60 at wide open. But it depends on the lighting of the venue, which can rarely be predicted. I have occasionally used flash as an effect, but as a rule I do not use flash in concert photography. I don't like it and neither do the performers.


Q: How did you get into concert photography? How can I get into it?

A: I started shooting bands no one had ever heard of in clubs no one ever went to, and networked from there. If you want an in-depth read on concert photography, check out the book Concert Photography by Jon Sievert. It is an excellent book with tons of useful information, and is worth its weight in gold. It helped me a great deal when I started and I highly recommend it. Check it out at http://humblepress.com/Concert/index.html


Q: Since you brought your camera into a [insert band name] concert, does that mean cameras are allowed at [insert band name] concerts?

A: Not necessarily. All of the photo shoots on my site have been done with permissions and/or photo passes. Some clubs will let you bring your camera in, but most larger venues do not. I do not recommend sneaking in a camera in the crotch of your pants.


Q: I want to shoot [insert concert], Can you give me the band's contact information?

A: No, I can get in trouble for that.


Q: Did you shoot [insert band name] at [insert hometown] on [insert date]?

A: If it isn't on the website, I haven't shot it.


Q: Did you take a picture of me and my friend at [insert place]?

A: I might have, but I shoot a lot of people in a lot of places and I can't remember them all! Tell me what you were wearing and where you were when the picture was taken, and I can look.


Q: What was the setlist for [insert show]?

A: I have no idea.


Q: Can I save your photos to my hard drive for my desktop or screensaver?

A: Yes, you may. If you feel so inclined, you may thank me or buy me a drink the next time you see me at a show.


Q: Can I use your photos on my website?

A: If you ask me nicely and provide a link back, chances are I'll say yes.


Q: Can I buy a print from you?

A: Yes, you can. 8x12 prints are $40 each plus shipping. If you want a print, email me and tell me which one you want. As soon as I receive payment it will be printed and mailed.


Q: Will you shoot my band?

A: If you are in my neighborhood, and my schedule allows it, it's definitely possible.


Q: Will you shoot my wedding?

A: I hate weddings.Iíve been talked into it a few times but I do not shoot a traditional style. I shoot a photojournalistic/abstract/artsy-fartsy style, much as I would shoot a rock concert. Some people will think this is really cool, but others (parents) may think it is just WRONG.If you are having a non-tradtional commitment ceremony and donít care about tradition or what your parents think, email me and we can talk about it.


Q: What are your rates for photography services and/or image use?

A: It totally depends on the situation; the subject, what the image is to be used for, and how it is to be used. For example, a portrait to hang on your wall has a different rate than a portrait to be used on a magazine cover. Email me with your needs and I can give you a quote.



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