Burning Man 2003

Through the eyes of WildLupin and DCPHOTO

(still under construction, bear with me)





Does the carpet match the curtains...?

Why, yes.


Dental hygiene is so important.




Look at all the Utilikilts!!


Various gods and goddesses


Hanging upside down with my kilt over my head

Coaching a friend to do the same






Scenes in and around Happy Camp







In 2003, DCPHOTO and I brought along our own photo studio. This is one example of the portraits we were able to make. Click here to see more.

Todd, DCPHOTO, me, and Mad.


All photos ©2003 Carla Freestep (except where noted). Please email WildLupin@aol.com before using these images.


More photos are coming--Check back soon

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