Sierra Nevada Big Room Photography

By Carla Freestep

All photos ©




Wild Child, 8/13/18


Solar Estates, 8/3/18


Hop Along with Thin Lips 8/9/18


The White Buffalo 8/5/18


The Dales 8/5/18


Full Moon Series (DMT, Iver, Calvin Black and Black Magnet) 7/27/18


Oktoberfest Release party (Diego's Umbrella, Grand Isle Fire Brigade Street Band) 7/26/18


Jason Hawk Harris, 7/20/18


Sarah Shook & The Disarmers, 7/20/18


Bob Schneider, 7/17/18


Y La Bamba, 7/10/18


Katsu Oso, 7/10/18


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